A campaign which emerged as another feather in the cap for Nike!

The film opens with a ten-year-old soccer player from California, Makena Cooke along side her idols Dutch football player Lieke Martens, Wang Shuang from China, and U.S Women’s National Team player Crystal Dunn. It represents the younger sports player’s ambitions as she dreams about a career in sports. The thirty seconder ends with an inspirational slogan: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world”. It was done by Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency for Nike in United States and during the FIFA World Cup.

Let’s take a look what worked :

  1. Based on an insight:

    If an advertisement resonates with the target audience, it would definitely inspire them, however, for a campaign to taste success like Nike, it should be backed by a strong consumer insight. According to a research done, women are the one who are fueling the health and wellness lifestyle, it surely influences both men and women to join in.

  2. More than just an emotional Ad:

    The Ad starts with listening to our athletes, to what’s important to them, and from there, Nike engineers not only inspiration but practical tools for uplifting girls across the globe. In a nutshell, it is much about empowering more women as it is celebrating those already thriving.

  3. Hit on social media: On Twitter, the video has racked up more than 19 million views!

  4. A holistic campaign: Be it digital or on – ground, Nike covered all the relevant touchpoints. It came up with a limited edition of jersey for women. The mantra, “Don’t change your dream. Change the world. Just do it.” – is printed inside the jersey as a mark to motivate girls inside out. A camera-flash pattern reflects the feeling that the whole world is watching.


Nike has been one of the brands that have put innovation in all its efforts.

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It is evident, that they have strived to keep brand modern and relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. It has also kept the communication consistent with its original brand identity. The marketing experts predict that Nike will see an excellent long – term return and share gain.

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